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Tokyo Guide - Ghibli Museum (japan-guide)

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The Ghibli Museum is the animation and art museum of Miyazaki Hayao's Studio Ghibli, one of Japan's most famous animation studios. They have produced many feature length films with worldwide distribution such as My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Ponyo on the Cliff by the S ( 74 days before Published)

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Tokyo Guide - Sugamo (japan-guide)

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Sugamo is a shopping district along Tokyo's Yamanote Line that famously caters to the elderly. The district's popular, 800 meter long Jizo Dori shopping street is also affectionately known as the "Old Ladies' Harajuku" in lighthearted comparison to the Harajuku district's status as one of Japan' ( 74 days before Published)

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Tokyo Guide - Tsukiji Fish Market (japan-guide)

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Tsukiji Market (築地市場, Tsukiji Shijō) is a large wholesale market for fish, fruits and vegetables in central Tokyo. It is the most famous of over ten wholesale markets that handle the distribution of food and flowers in Tokyo. Tsukiji Market is best known as one of the world's largest fish market ( 91 days before Published)