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Kyoto Travel - Kiyomizudera Temple (japan-guide)

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Kiyomizudera (清水寺, literally "Pure Water Temple") is one of the most celebrated temples of Japan. It was founded in 780 on the site of the Otowa Waterfall in the wooded hills east of Kyoto, and derives its name from the fall's pure waters. The temple was originally associated with the Hosso sect ( 112 days before Published)

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Kyoto Travel - Gion (japan-guide)

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Gion is Kyoto's most famous geisha district, located around Shijo Avenue between Yasaka Shrine in the east and the Kamo River in the west. It is filled with shops, restaurants and ochaya , where geiko and maiko entertain.

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Kyoto Travel - Philosopher's Path (japan-guide)

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The Philosopher's Path is a pleasant stone path through the northern part of Kyoto's Higashiyama district. The path follows a canal which is lined by hundreds of cherry trees. Usually in early April these trees explode with color, making this one of the city's most popular hanami spots.

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Tokyo Guide - Ghibli Museum (japan-guide)

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The Ghibli Museum is the animation and art museum of Miyazaki Hayao's Studio Ghibli, one of Japan's most famous animation studios. They have produced many feature length films with worldwide distribution such as My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Ponyo on the Cliff by the S ( 112 days before Published)

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Osaka Travel - Osaka Science Museum (japan-guide)

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The Osaka Science Museum on Nakanoshima Island has four floors of interactive exhibits and displays. The museum was designed with children in mind and takes visitors through displays on the universe, chemistry, electricity and energy. A science show is held three times a day .

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Osaka Travel - Osaka Bay Area (japan-guide)

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The Osaka Bay Area is a collection of young city districts on man-made waterfront islands and peninsulas, built to accommodate Osaka's sprawling growth. The districts host a variety of tourist attractions, such as museums, theme parks, observatories and shopping centers. Osaka's domestic and int ( 112 days before Published)

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Osaka Travel - Minoo Park (japan-guide)

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Minoo Park (箕面公園, Minō Kōen, also spelled Mino or Minoh) is a forested valley on the outskirts of Osaka, just north of the urban sprawl. During the fall, it is one of the best places in the Kansai Region to see the autumn colors in a natural setting, as opposed to the attractive fall foliage fou ( 112 days before Published)

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Kyoto Travel - Kyoto Travel Guide: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (japan-guide)

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Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is one of the most important of several hundred shrines across Japan that are dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, a scholar and politician who was unfairly exiled by his political rivals. A number of disasters were attributed to Michizane's vengeful spirit after his death in ( 112 days before Published)

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Kyoto Travel - Daitokuji Temple (japan-guide)

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Daitokuji is a large walled temple complex in northern Kyoto and the head temple of the Rinzai sect's Daitokuji school of Japanese Zen Buddhism. The complex consists of nearly two dozen subtemples and is one of the best places in Japan to see a wide variety of Zen gardens and to experience Zen c ( 112 days before Published)

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Osaka Travel - National Museum of Art (japan-guide)

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The National Art Museum of Osaka occupies two underground floors on Nakanoshima Island in central Osaka. The museum focuses on Japanese and foreign contemporary art, with exhibitions from the museum collection and special exhibitions.

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Osaka Travel - National Bunraku Theater (japan-guide)

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Osaka has been the capital for bunraku, traditional Japanese puppet theater, for many centuries. The popularity of the theater form had grown in the city during the Edo Period when bunraku was a rare kind of art entertainment for the common public rather than the nobility.

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Osaka Travel - Osaka Station City (japan-guide)

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Osaka Station is a major railway station in Osaka's Umeda district that is served by a large number of local and interregional trains, but not the shinkansen which stop at Shin-Osaka Station. The formerly dark and cramped station underwent extensive renovation works and was reborn in 2011 as Osa ( 112 days before Published)

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Osaka Travel - Kita (Umeda) (japan-guide)

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The Kita district, also known as Umeda , is one of Osaka's two main city centers. It is located around the large station complex that comprises Osaka and Umeda Stations. Kita's counterpart is Minami around Namba Station. Besides being Osaka's busiest transportation hub and a bustling business di ( 112 days before Published)

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Kyoto Travel - Kyoto Gion Matsuri (Gion Festival) (japan-guide)

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Gion Matsuri , the festival of Yasaka Shrine, is the most famous festival in Japan. It takes place over the entire month of July. There are many different events, but the grand procession of floats on July 17 is particularly spectacular. Very enjoyable, are also the festive evenings preceding th ( 112 days before Published)