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Startup - This Startup is Turning Investing into a Lifestyle Brand (disruptingjapan)

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The financial services industry in Japan is pretty unsophisticated. There are relatively few options for brokerages and mutual funds, and what options there are tend to be expensive. Furthermore, since pensions and taxes are generally handled by the employer there is not much reason for the aver ( 72 days before Published)

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Startup - What You Don’t Know about Japan’s Sharing Economy – Anytimes appeared first on Disrupting Japan (disruptingjapan)

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Fewer than 1% of Japanese consumers have ever purchased a product or service from a sharing economy platform. It’s actually quite puzzling. Social and economic factors all seem to indicate that Japanese cities would be ideal for sharing economy businesses, but for a number of reasons ( 73 days before Published)

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Startup - Why I Turned Down $500k, Shut Down My Startup, And Joined the Enterprise (disruptingjapan)

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Welcome to our 100th show. If you are new, welcome to Disrupting Japan. If you are a long-time follower, thank you for being part of the community and helping to make Disrupting Japan what it is today. This is a special, and rather short, episode. Today I’m going to tell you a very persona ( 73 days before Published)

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Startup - How You Can Prepare for Japan (disruptingjapan)

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Corporate Japan is about to go through a major transition in its approach to computer security. In the past, Japan-only payment systems and the Japanese language itself provided a barrier that kept international fraud and attacks at a very low level. All that is changing now. With payment system ( 74 days before Published)

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Startup - Live & Unleashed – Japan’s New Wave of Hardware Innovation (disruptingjapan)

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Disrupting Japan is three years old, so we decided to invite a few hundred movers and shakers from Tokyo’s startup community over to have few drinks and to hear three of Japan’s most successful startup CEOs talk about what it takes for Japanese startups to succeed globally. ( 75 days before Published)

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Startup - The Hard Thing about Hardware Startups in Japan (disruptingjapan)

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There’s a very good reason most Japanese hardware startups fail. Today we sit down with Takuro Yoshida CEO and founder of Logbar, and we dive into the reasons and also go over Logbar’s strategy for avoiding the mistakes that have killed off so many other Japanese IoT startups. Takuro ( 76 days before Published)

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Startup - This Japanese Startup Beat Out NASA to Create Affordable Bio Jet Fuel (disruptingjapan)

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There is far more to startups in Japan than SaaS software and IoT hardware companies. Biotech startups are beginning to make a mark here. Today we sit down and talk with biotech pioneer Mitsuru Izumo and talk about his ground-breaking work at Euglena. In many ways, the team at&nbs ( 76 days before Published)