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VR - フェイスブック、リッチな3Dモデルの投稿が可能に (moguravr)

Look inside: テクノロジー・開発,Facebook,glTF Reported by moguravr

以前よりニュースフィードに3Dコンテンツを投稿できる機能『3D Posts』を発 ... ( 15 times before Published)

VR - グーグル、スマホ向けAR本格展開スタート 対象は全世界1億台から Xperiaも対応視野 (moguravr)

Look inside: AR,ARCore,ARKit,Google,Google Lens,iPhone AR Reported by moguravr

グーグルは2月23日、スマートフォン向けのAR機能「ARCore」を公開しました ... ( 1 day 17 times before Published)

Startup - 29: Turning a Toy into a Data Platform (disruptingjapan)

Look inside: Japan Startup Podcasts,Podcast,Startups,Hardware Startups Reported by innovator

The Internet of Things is becoming so commonplace that it is almost almost invisible. About a year ago, Moff launched an extremely clever IoT toy called the Moff-band that allows kids to add sound effects to their every-day play. They toy had been successful, but for Moff to take the next step they ( 2 days before Published)

VR - 眼前に戦場が蘇る 第一次世界大戦の兵士の記憶をARで再現 (moguravr)

Look inside: 未分類,Blippar,Geometry Global UK Reported by moguravr

英国在郷軍人会の募金キャンペーンで第一次世界大戦に戦争で亡くなった兵士たちの経験 ... ( 2 days before Published)

ソーシャル - F8 2018 (techcrunch)

Look inside: イベント,ソーシャル,f8,Facebook Reported by techcrunchJP

 Facebookは今年のF8デベロッパー・カンファレンスの参加受付を開始した。昨年のF8の主だったテーマは拡張現実、脳とコンピューターのインターフェイス、JavaScriptフレームワーク、Reactの一新、などだった。メディアにも報じられたように、Facebookはこの1年、いくつかの波乱を経験した。 Read More ( 4 days before Published)

Startup - 30: How to Sell Without Salesmen in Japan (disruptingjapan)

Look inside: Japan Startup Podcasts,Podcast,Startups,FinTech Startups,Japanese Business Culture Reported by innovator

Corporate accounting is not usually the first thing the comes to mind when you think of disruptive technology, and for the most part, that’s a good thing. Daisuke Sasaki of Freee, however, is changing the way accounting is done in Japan from the bottom up. Bringing change to a conservative industry ( 4 days before Published)

VR - 「VR体験用マスク」のフリー素材イラスト いらすとやが公開 (moguravr)

Look inside: 話題,いらすとや Reported by moguravr

さまざまな種類のイラストを提供する、フリー素材サイトの「いらすとや」。いらすとや ... ( 4 days before Published)

Startup - 31: Why Japan Will Thrive on Disruption (disruptingjapan)

Look inside: Japan Market Entry Podcasts,Japan Startup Podcasts,Podcast,Startups Reported by innovator

Too many things that are labeled as "cultural differences" have much simpler explanations. There are perfectly rational (and even mathematical) reasons why we have not seen a lot of entrepreneurship in Japan over the last 50 years, why we are starting to see a lot more of if now, and why we are lik ( 5 days before Published)

Startup - 32: Why Japanese VCs are Losing Out (disruptingjapan)

Look inside: Japan Startup Podcasts,Podcast,Startups,Foreign Founders,Venture Capital Reported by innovator

500 Startups has been one of the driving forces behind the utter disruption of how seed funding is done. That shift is one of the reasons we have seen such large and diverse startup ecosystems emerging around the world. Japan, however, often changes more slowly than other nations. The post 32: W ( 5 days before Published)

VR - バーチャルYouTuber「輝夜月」フィギュア制作が決定 (moguravr)

Look inside: 話題,バーチャルYouTuber,輝夜月 Reported by moguravr

バーチャルYouTuber(バーチャルユーチューバー)である「輝夜月(かぐや る ... ( 6 days before Published)

Startup - 113: Japan Announces Plans to Land on The Moon by 2020 (disruptingjapan)

Look inside: Japan Startup Podcasts,Podcast,Unique Japanese Startups Reported by innovator

We startup founders and investors like to talk about “moonshots”. It points out startups that have huge dreams, those that are solving hard problems, and those that will actually change the world if they succeed. Usually, the term moonshot is used metaphorically, but today I’d like to introduce you ( 6 days before Published)

VR - コントローラーが伸縮してVRで持ったモノの重量や感触を再現 (moguravr)

Look inside: テクノロジー・開発,Manuel Rosado,Nyoibo Reported by moguravr

3DデザイナーであるManuel Rosado氏は、HTC Viveのコントロー ... ( 7 days before Published)

VR - 「いらすとや」のVR関連フリー素材イラストまとめ (moguravr)

Look inside: 話題,いらすとや Reported by moguravr

さまざまな種類のイラストを提供する、フリー素材サイトの「いらすとや」。日常的に見 ... ( 8 days before Published)

VR - ライド!シューティング!昨年より出展数増加 JAEPOで盛り上がるVR/ARマシン (moguravr)

Look inside: イベント・体験,>VR D-DAY 2077,HADO,JAEPO2018,OVERTAKE VR,TOWER TAG,VR TIGER KNIGHT,VR センス,VR腹文字,協力!ゴーストアタッカーズ VR,呪刻列車 Reported by moguravr

2月9日-11日に、幕張メッセにて開催された国内最大のアミューズメント・エンター ... ( 9 days before Published)

VR - 水着グラビアがVRやARで変わる?撮影現場が360度丸裸に (moguravr)

Look inside: ビジネス・投資,LIFEVR,SI Swimsuit Reported by moguravr

米スポーツ週刊誌「Sports Illustrated(スポーツ・イラストレイテ ... ( 10 days before Published)