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Japan Startup Podcasts >> 54: Brick-and-Mortar is Japan (Startup)

Ten years ago, everyone know that e-commence would drive most retail stores, especially specially stores out of business, and with the Amazon juggernaut plowing ahead, there were very few dissenters. But something very interesting is going on right now. Many e-commerce companies are opening physica See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 55: Startup Fundraising in Japan (Startup)

Disrupting Japan is two years old and ready to party.  To celebrate, we gathered the leaders of Tokyo’s venture capital community together in front of a live audience of made up of the thought leaders of Japan’s startup community. We all had a few drinks and talked about fundraising in See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 56: Japan (Startup)

The aerospace industry has been particularly resistant to disrupting in Japan. In the rest of the world, launch vehicle and spacecraft technology has made incredible gains over the past decade, but here in Japan its still mostly the same government contracts going to the same major contractors. Nao See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 57: Making Money in Other People (Startup)

Material Wrld has found a way to innovate in online fashion commerce, and that’s no easy task. It’s a crowded market, with tight margins. Rie Yano and her team, however, have found success by going against common wisdom. While their competitors were focused on building platforms and reducing the am See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 59: Why The Sharing Economy is Different in Japan (Startup)

Spacee has staked out an interesting position in the sharing economy. Spacee enables companies and individuals to rent out unused meeting room space to people who need to hold a meeting. It’s an interesting take on applying a sharing economy model to business. I’m generally very skeptical of See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 61: Will Japan (Startup)

You don’t usually think of Japan’s geisha as being an industry, but it is. In fact, strictly speaking, it’s a cartel. A cartel that is now being disrupted by internet-based booking agencies and low-cost substitutes. It seems that even geisha are not immune to internet-based disintermediation. In th See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 110: Why Your Freemium Strategy Might be Hurting Your Sales (Startup)

Having a free product tier is a time-proven way for startups to get a foot in the door by giving potential customers a low-risk way of evaluating your product. However, there are times when it’s easier and much more profitable to simply make the sale. Yu Taniguchi s CEO of Vesper and creator See more >> Startup

Japan Market Entry Podcasts >> 63: What Airbnb (Startup)

This is a rather personal episode. We have no guests this time. It’s just you and me. From the outside, it looks like Airbnb is crushing it in Japan. Listings and rentals are both increasing at an unbelievable rate, and Japan is loosening her room-sharing (or minpaku) laws. The future looks bright See more >> Startup: Podcast
How to Make Startup M&A Work in Japan

japan startup podcasts >> How to Make Startup M&A Work in Japan (Startup)

Startup M&A is changing in Japan. In August, Naoki Yamada sold his startup Conyac to Rozetta for $14 million. It was an unusual journey of alternating cycles of rapid growth and near bankruptcy, and today Naoki explains how he managed to make the deal happen and also how M& See more >> Startup: japanese business culture

japan startup podcasts >> The Global Niche Startup Strategy – Cerevo (Startup)

Cerevo wants to be a “global niche” player. That makes sense for this Internet of Things company. The IoT has become so pervasive and so successful that the terms ha become almost meaningless. Today we simply except and accept that almost everything should naturally be connected to t See more >> Startup: hardware startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 109: What Every Foreigner Needs to Know about Hiring Staff in Japan (Startup)

Japanese labor law is very different from what is standard in the US or Europe, and more than a few foreigners have made simple mistakes that have cost them their jobs or their entire companies. Terrie Lloyd has started more than a dozen companies in Japan over the past 30 years and has hired hundr See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 69: How Japanese Startups are Breaking into Silicon Valley (Startup)

More and more Japanese founders are moving their startups to San Francisco. It’s easy to see why. There is more venture capital, more startup know-how, and more startup energy in that city than anywhere else in the world. In fact, there is a small, close knit Japanese startup community in San Franc See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 71: This Low-Tech Japan Travel Startup is Going Global (Startup)

Today we are going low-tech. Sledgehammers and paint brushes low tech. Keigo Fukugaki has started his own hotel brand, BnA, which stands for Bed & Art. It’s not a platform. It’s not an online marketplace. There isn’t (yet) even a meaningful e-commerce component. BnA is a new kind of hotel that See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 108: This Japan Startup Is Changing the Way Your Kids Buy Fashion (Startup)

Japanese fashion is unique, and so is the entire Japanese fashion industry. Today I would like to introduce you to a Japanese fashion startup with a genuinely unique business model. Tsubasa Koseki and his team at Facy, have created a fashion marketplace based on instant messaging and relationship b See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 73: Japan (Startup)

Gaming is very different in Japan than it is in America, but PowerCore is introducing technology that could lead to major changes in both of them. Toys to Life technology blurs the distinction between the analog and digital worlds by having digital gameplay react to the presence of physical toys. F See more >> Startup: Startups