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Abeno Harukas

abeno harukas osaka >> Abeno Harukas (Osaka Travel)

Standing at 300 meters, Abeno Harukas in Osaka is the tallest skyscraper in Japan. The building stands on top of the Kintetsu Osaka Abenobashi Station and is conveniently located across from JR Tennoji Station. It houses a department store, an art museum, a hotel and an observation deck.

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Osaka Science Museum

osaka >> Osaka Science Museum (Osaka Travel)

The Osaka Science Museum on Nakanoshima Island has four floors of interactive exhibits and displays. The museum was designed with children in mind and takes visitors through displays on the universe, chemistry, electricity and energy. A science show is held three times a day .

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japan >> Kyoto International Manga Museum (Kyoto Travel)

The Kyoto International Manga Museum was opened in November of 2006. It consists of three floors and a basement, and most of its walls are lined with shelves of manga. Browsing this massive collection of manga is one of the museum's main attractions. A small section of the books is dedicated to fo See more >> Kyoto Travel: manga

tokyo >> Edo-Tokyo Museum (Tokyo Guide)

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is housed in a unique looking building in the Ryogoku district. The museum's permanent exhibition vividly illustrates the past of Tokyo through its exhibits and covers many features of the capital from the Edo Period to relatively recent decades. See more >> Tokyo Guide: museum

tokyo >> Tokyo National Museum (Tokyo Guide)

The Tokyo National Museum is the oldest and largest of Japan's top-level national museums, which also include the Kyoto National Museum, the Nara National Museum and the Kyushu National Museum. It was originally established in 1972 at Yushima Seido Shrine and moved to its current location in Ueno See more >> Tokyo Guide: museum
Ghibli Museum

tokyo >> Ghibli Museum (Tokyo Guide)

The Ghibli Museum is the animation and art museum of Miyazaki Hayao's Studio Ghibli, one of Japan's most famous animation studios. They have produced many feature length films with worldwide distribution such as My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Ponyo on the Cliff by the S See more >> Tokyo Guide: ghibli

tokyo >> Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum (Tokyo Guide)

The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum is an open air museum in the western suburbs of Tokyo, which exhibits a range of historic buildings from the Tokyo area. The buildings were relocated or reconstructed here in order to preserve a chapter of architectural history, which has been almost comp See more >> Tokyo Guide: open

tokyo >> Tokyo Midtown (Tokyo Guide)

Tokyo Midtown is a city within the city in the center of Tokyo's Roppongi district. Opened in 2007, the complex includes apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, museums, park space and a luxury hotel. In its center stands one of Tokyo's tallest buildings, the 248 meter tall Midtown Tower. See more >> Tokyo Guide: midtown

tokyo >> Roppongi Hills (Tokyo Guide)

Roppongi Hills is one of the best examples of a city within the city. Opened in 2003 in the heart of Tokyo's Roppongi district, the building complex features offices, apartments, shops, restaurants, a hotel, art museum, observation deck and more. The office floors are home to leading companies from See more >> Tokyo Guide: hills

tokyo >> Yebisu Garden Place (Tokyo Guide)

Yebisu Garden Place is one of Tokyo's most pleasant cities within the city. Consisting of roughly a dozen buildings and skyscrapers, it features a large array of restaurants and shops including a Mitsukoshi department store, the Westin Tokyo hotel, the Michelin 3-star Chateau Restaurant Taillvent- See more >> Tokyo Guide: ebisu