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Japan Startup Podcasts >> 29: Turning a Toy into a Data Platform (Startup)

The Internet of Things is becoming so commonplace that it is almost almost invisible. About a year ago, Moff launched an extremely clever IoT toy called the Moff-band that allows kids to add sound effects to their every-day play. They toy had been successful, but for Moff to take the next step they See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 30: How to Sell Without Salesmen in Japan (Startup)

Corporate accounting is not usually the first thing the comes to mind when you think of disruptive technology, and for the most part, that’s a good thing. Daisuke Sasaki of Freee, however, is changing the way accounting is done in Japan from the bottom up. Bringing change to a conservative industry See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Market Entry Podcasts >> 31: Why Japan Will Thrive on Disruption (Startup)

Too many things that are labeled as "cultural differences" have much simpler explanations. There are perfectly rational (and even mathematical) reasons why we have not seen a lot of entrepreneurship in Japan over the last 50 years, why we are starting to see a lot more of if now, and why we are lik See more >> Startup: Podcast

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 32: Why Japanese VCs are Losing Out (Startup)

500 Startups has been one of the driving forces behind the utter disruption of how seed funding is done. That shift is one of the reasons we have seen such large and diverse startup ecosystems emerging around the world. Japan, however, often changes more slowly than other nations. The post 32: W See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 113: Japan Announces Plans to Land on The Moon by 2020 (Startup)

We startup founders and investors like to talk about “moonshots”. It points out startups that have huge dreams, those that are solving hard problems, and those that will actually change the world if they succeed. Usually, the term moonshot is used metaphorically, but today I’d like to introduce you See more >> Startup: Unique Japanese Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 33: How Japan Can Get Her Innovation Mojo Back (Startup)

Japan was once home to some of the most innovative companies on the planet, but those companies lost their innovate edge a long time ago. Today, many are betting on startups to change the course of the Japanese economy and to some extent, that’s already starting to happen. Ijichi Sorato of Creww, h See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 34: The Myth of the Successful Startup Failure (Startup)

Startup culture has crazy and contradictory views about failure. As founders we are told to fail fast, but also to never give up. We are told to follow our vision, but be ready to pivot. Somehow this macho-bullshit culture of “I never really fail and ‘m not afraid of failure.” has become dominant See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 35: How Startup Thinking is Changing the Japanese Government (Startup)

It’s hard to imagine an organization more resistant to change and disruption than the government of Japan. But today’s guest, William Saito has made it his mission to bring innovation to the way the Japanese bureaucracy operates. And more astoundingly, he’s actually having an effect. The post 35: H See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 36: The Happiest Company in the World (Startup)

Yuka considers Famarry to be the happiest company in the world, and looking at who her customers are, I think she just might be right. But behind this happy company is an aggressive plan to disrupt a cartel of photo studios that have dominated the market for decades. The post 36: The Happiest Comp See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 37: Creating Japan (Startup)

More than ten years before Quora and ZenDesk became famous, there was OKWave. Kaneto Kanemoto founded OKWave to address a massive problem that was unique to the Japanese internet in the mid-1990’s. Most of the country felt the situation was inevitable, even natural, but Kaneto knew it had to change See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 112: Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Key to Fixing Japan (Startup)

Using artificial intelligence to change the way the education system works seems like a fool’s errand. When you combine the fluid and opaque nature of AI technology with the slow, bureaucratic decision making of education, you usually wind up with the perfect storm of stagnation, frustration, and r See more >> Startup: Japanese Culture

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 38: Disrupting the Final Frontier (Startup)

There are not many industries more resistant to disruption than satellite and aerospace. The dominant firms thrive largely because of the massive capital requirements and strong government connections. Yuya Nakamura of Axelspace is confident he can change that. The post 38: Disrupting the Final Fro See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 39: The Hard Truth Behind Japan (Startup)

Japan has a long cultural fascination with human-like robots. Literature, cinema and anime are filled with them, and perhaps not surprisingly, a large number of Japanese startups are focused on making anthropomorphic robots. I have to admit that this fascination never really made sense to me until See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 40: Why Gay Rights Are Good Business (Startup)

Koki Hayashi of Letibee is walking a difficult path by combining a startup business with social activism, but he just might pull it off. Japan is very rapidly becoming more accepting of those who are openly gay, and 2015 was a year of extremely rapid progress for gay rights. Letibee has plans to ca See more >> Startup: Startups

Japan Startup Podcasts >> 41: Japanese Startups, This Must Change Now! (Startup)

Overall trends are going pretty well for startups in Japan, but things could be a lot better. One strange thing seems to be that almost everyone asking how to improve things for startup in Japan are either government officials, academics or venture capitalists. It's fantastic that they are interes See more >> Startup: Startups